What is the effective range of 6LoWPAN on 802.15.4?

Hello Friends,
I read the documents of Beagle Connect Freedom. It said that its factory firmware is for 6LoWPAN on 802.15.4.

So what is the effective communication range between 6LoWPAN on 802.15.4 devices?

I’ve had up to about 200m with moderate obstruction, but depending on the conditions it’ll usually be less. Perfect conditions with no obstruction would probably be a bit more.

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200m range is very good for a medium sized factory.
and what IDE and compiler to use for that Beagle Connect Freedom?

I’m using zephyr. It’s kind of a pig in my view, but it’s very linux-like which makes it easy. I try to write cross platform code that runs as much as possible on the beagleconnect and the beagleplay, as debugging on the play is so much easier.

Installing the zephyr dev environment on the beagleplay is detailed in the play documentation and is quite easy to use once set up, but installing it on a full sized linux desktop computer makes builds way faster.

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Hello Paul,
Did you find it possible to open the enclosure and programme other type of firmware such as TI Wi-SUN?
From the advertisement picture, it seems that there is no screw on the enclosure.

You can open the enclosure, the two halves just clip together.
I have only really used it with zephyr, which uses the usb port.

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