What is the OMAP_MUX replacement?

Hello all, I have been reading that there is a change in the way the BeagleBone Black does things. I have seen alot of posts that say the OMAP_MUX has gone away. I was wondering, what is the current way of handling the pin mux on Angstrom?



Just for the record. This is all SW. Processor is the same as BeagleBone. This is not due to any HW changes.



Thanks for the quick update. I understand (at least a little). Do you how Angstrom is handling the device space in user land? While this is a change only in software, it makes accessing the hardware different and the code written against the old OMAP_MUX system won’t work. I am looking for sources of information on migrating my cape to the latest systems. I used a lot of FS level device access to setup and control the hardware. I assume there is a new way of doing these same things without writing kernel drivers.





I’m a noob so I could be off base but the kernel documentation explains how to configure the GPIOs:


I tried the /sys interface and it seems to work as described.