What is the reasoning behind the inclusion of connman in the BBB images?

I seek to understand why connman is included in the BBB image?

Without going into details, generally it doesn’t seem to be without issues. It seems that there are other users[1] uninstalling and using the /etc/network/interfaces.

Any issues that could possibly arise with connman uninstallation? Thanks

[1] https://groups.google.com/d/msg/beagleboard/x-QrPydd1Rk/Ldkdnd12CQAJ

I have no problem to use /etc/network/interfaces . 4 years that I’m using this without connman.


While we are at it, what is needed to remove connman throughly and get networking up?

Is it simply just

apt-get remove --purge connman rcnee-access-point?