What would you use Beagleboard X15 for ?

So reading a post shared to me on G+ this morning I read an article on the Beagleboard X15 being made public by beagleboard.org, and noticed the data sheet, and TRM for the processor is now available on TI’s site.

Anyway, I’m curious what anyone else might use this board for. Some mention usage as a multimedia streaming system, or even a “homebrew” system with data display / logging. Letting the “other” cores handle the real-time data acquisition.

What I was thinking that this board with 4 PRU cores, and other modules such as the DSP’s and IPU’s would, could be very useful as a single board solution for power conversion / monitoring. Moreover I think this board could do so in style, having plenty of processing power left over to display this data locally via a touchcreen LCD, or perhaps via regular LCD monitor. Logging “locally” should not be much of a problem either with SATA, or USB3. While dual GbE would / could only enhance remote logging.

So who else has an idea for putting the BB X15 to good use, and / or potentially use this board to it’s full potential ?

Automotive infotainment, HD media player, NAS with media conversion