Where and how does the modified configuration saved?


My ordered BBB has not yet arrived. I see the following thread on a small project:


In the procedures it gives as the following, I do not see a save command for the modified package. I know BBB has a SDcard boot media. How does the changed package information saved for the following reboot taking effect?

Install Lighttpd

Now before we install any new software, it is a good idea to update opkg:

opkg update

To install Lighttpd, type:

opkg install lighttpd lighttpd-module-fastcgi

In fact, the link example took the following steps to disable some service. How do they not enable in the following reboot?

For BeagleBone Black:

systemctl disable cloud9.service

systemctl disable gateone.service
systemctl disable bonescript.service


I find that BBB has eMMC on board, but I don’t see a save command. Linux saves these changes automatically? Please tell me the action behind these commands.