Where are source files for device tree overlays?

I tried to find with no luck so far, source files for device tree overlays for CSI camera on BeaglePlay - I need to configure imx219 (one on 22 lane strip) and I need to understand what drivers control the CSI Rx peripheral.

Any sensible hints about location of them? The kernel tree doesn’t contain them for ov5640 camera mentioned in the docs and whole section about CSI is empty.

k3-am625-beagleplay-csi2-ov5640.dts: src/arm64/overlays/k3-am625-beagleplay-csi2-ov5640.dts · v5.10.x-ti-unified · BeagleBoard.org / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab

These should be stored under /opt/source/dtb-5.10/ just run “git pull” to get the latest… BeagleBoard.org / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab


Thank you.

Managed to make overlay for imx219, not tested yet if I stream anything.