Where are the dt-bindings files located?

I am teaching myself about the Linux Devicetree and writing Linux device drivers. I’ve read the relevant docs at https://docs.kernel.org/.

I’ve read the Devicetree Specification, Release v0.3-40-g7e1cc17. But I still can’t seem to find the dt-binding on the BBAI-64.

Where are the dt-bindings files located on the BBAI-64?

Pretty sure everything you need should be under /opt/source directory…

Wow, I’ve been studying the /opt/source directory for over a week and never considered it was the actual location.

I assumed that it would be somewhere like, /usr/include or /boot//include, etc. etc, that’s what a Google search indicates.


I’m learning as well…but afaik those .dts files in /opt/source.... are the source files which are then compiled to .dtb / .dtbo files and put in /boot/firmware

It’s a local version of this repo:

which is used to build the *.dtb files.