Where can I find correct SD partitions images?

I'm using pico projector and with a BeagelBoard(RevC4).
I refer to 'Configure SD with partition images' at http://beagleboard.org/pico
download the SD partitions images(pico-sd-fat.tar.bz2 and pico-sd-

But The SD images is wrong.

I can't umcompress that.

when I Trying to Step3,

   $sudo tar xvjf pico-sd-fat.tar.bz2 -C /media/beagle_fat

It is print following error message.

Hi hyeyoung chon,
I have same problem with you, i also buy a pico v2 projector and a
beagle rev c4, the follow the instruction but fail to setup the SD
Can you tell how you manage to solve it at last?
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Chung