Where can i get beagle board peripherals in bangalore??


I am looking for the following peripherals,

USB-Std-A Male to 5.5x2.1mm Barrel Connector
3-port USB Hub with 10/100 Ethernet
Null Modem RS-232 DB9F-DB9F Cable
DB9M to IDC10F AT/Everex Serial Adapter
USB Std-A-Female to Mini-A-Male Adapter
Monitor Cable (HDMI-A-male to DVI-D male)
Acrylic Case for Beagle

From where can i get the above in Bangalore, India?

Check beaglesales.india@cranessoftware.com or go around SP road

Also check with IDA http://www.idasystems.net/beagle_board


I've also found DealExtreme - http://dealextreme.com to have some good items. Their prices are cheap and they all include the cost of international shipping from Hong Kong.
Sometimes they're quick to deliver, sometimes it takes a few weeks. My recommendation is even if you need, say, 5 parts, order them one at a time so that way they will ship as each item comes into stock...


Thanks all.. Now, I should be up and running soon. :slight_smile:

tu bangalore mein reheke waste hai.