Where can I start with BBB and openCV

Hi everyone,

I am very new to BBB and embedded systems. My capstone project in College is about BBB. Now, I want to build system with BBB and openCV. Can anyone show me how i do it step by step ?

Thanks in advance !

Did you have a look at Derek Molloy’s video?

I want to perform Image processing tasks in BBB which runs Debian Linux… so I need to install OpenCV on BBB… It seems i should install cmake in prior… I dont have direct internet connection to my BBB… I tried to download OpenCV from github.com as a ZIP file and i copied it to BBB using pendrive…Can anyone please guide me how to install cmake on BBB?? i tried to download cmake and ended up in incomplete build… please help me … your ideas will be really appreciated

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: