Where did bone-ubuntu-14.04.1-console-armhf-2015-01-06-2gb.img.xz go?

I have tried a number of Ubuntu version and none of them seem to support the EDIMAX wifi dongles. In general I hate Xenial Xerus releases as they screw to much with how wifi works (or not).

Most successful Wifi instructions are based on 14.04, which is a better OS in my opinion. Such as http://blog.gavinadams.org/2015/02/01/beaglebone-black-with-edimax-usb-wi-fi-on-ubuntu-14-04/

But 2015 seems to be missing from the https://rcn-ee.net/rootfs/ directory

Where did it go Mr Nelson?


I would very much appreciate a 14.04.x (flasher) image too. Especially since Trusty Tahr is a LTS version. Maybe there’s a mirror or archive?

If possible the linux-headers to match as well please. It seems you install a Beaglebone os and there are no linux-headers to be found for that version… ack… frustrating