Where files per the Angstrom manual?


I’m working through a book to learn Linux and have a couple BBBs. According to the Angstrom manual, the file system is supposed to be initialized via initramfs.cpio.gz. But find doesn’t find it. I dug around a little online, but did not find any information about how the kernel file system are booted on Angstrom. I’m using Embedded Linux Primer (2012). Where files per the Angstrom manual? If the system has changed, where is the documentaion for it?


I would recommend that you upgrade your machines to the new Debian
based release. I think you will find that there is more information
about Debian than there is about Angstrom.

The reason for the project moving from Angstrom to Debian is to allow
developers to use Debian which is more common and better documented.


Completely agree with David. Angstrom seems to be a dead end, IMNSHO.