Where/how do I get the latest apt key for debian wheezy updates?

I am trying to get my rather remote (and infrequently updated) BBB
running Debian Wheezy up to date. It's complaining that the key for
the Debian Wheezy BBB repository is out of date, where can I get the latest

W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository
is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error:
http://debian.beagleboard.org wheezy-bbb Release: The following
signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1418840246 KEYEXPIRED 1418840304
KEYEXPIRED 1418840246 KEYEXPIRED 1418840246 KEYEXPIRED 1418840304

W: Failed to fetch



OK, thanks Robert, it's just a matter of removing that repository from
the apt list then.

Is this because BBB has become more 'standard' and thus gets
everything from the main ARM repository?

Nah, we just didn't have the signing key to push updates to it. :wink:

I've copied all useful deb packages that were provided by
debian.beagleboard.org into repos.rcn-ee.net

you can follow:


to update that old 2014-05-14 image..


Not a lot of use unless one can use an 'apt-get update;apt-get
upgrade' sequence to keep up to date.