Where i can purchase beagleboard in india?

Hi all,
IDA systems has no stock of boards. From anywhere else can i try?



You can buy Beagle Board from CRANES bangalore…

checkout this web site


The authorized dealers for Beagle board in India are IDA Systems, Jaipur. Check out the following link:



Cranes is not an authorized distributor of Beagle. You can also purchase from DigiKey or Mousr, but then the India government gets involved and takes more of your money.


So Gerald ,does it mean that only IDA systems are the only authorized distributor.

Also i am “new” to BB.I am first trying to port linux on BB. I have still not ordered for BB.
Any guidance for “Steps to port LINUX on BB” ?
Thanks in Advance

Yes. Cranes has never asked to be a distributor and have instead chosen to buy from other distributors and resale the boards. Not sure why. Linux has been ported to Beagle for over two years now. There are a number of distributions you cna put on Beagle. The easiest is to just download the Angstrom distribution and load it onto the SD card.


I was planing to port “Red Hat” / “SUSE”/ “Fedora” either of them .Has any one tried to port these flavors to BB. Can you please give me links where i could look & understand the porting procedure.

At present i am reading some related books. That’s the only documents or help i have at present…


Ubuntu 10.4 has been ported by Canonical to Beagle. I would start there. Don’t be afraid to Google it as well.


Fedora userspace was working fine on the beagle with Angstrom's and
Ubuntu's kernel, but they are the middle of rebuilding their 'build'


I have some scratch pad notes here:


Feel free to take over..


Check below link, surely it will help you to start with Beagle Board,
Also, check latest Ubuntu installation guide from below link,



Anyone interested in buying BeagleBoard C4?

I have BeagleBoard (C4). I brought it from IDA Systems couple of
months back. Main purpose of buying this was experimentation. Wanted
to put some custom code there and try out small projects. I could get
it booting - gentoo, ubuntu. Tried connecting it to internet which
worked. Attached USB pen dives, camera to it. Also wrote some python
codes to run on it. So overall, its a wonderful embedded environment
to work (and experiment).

From last couple of weeks, I have not got free time to work on it and
looking at current engagements, its going to be hard in future.
So I wanted to sell this before it gets outdated.

Board which I am selling is in very good condition and with
bill/receipt from IDA Systems. I can also show a demo if needed :wink:
So give me a call on 9765390459 if you are interested. I am based in
Pune, India.


Hi All,
Beaglebone Black is available in India at SUMEET ESHOP http://shop.sumeetinstruments.com/
Authorized distributor for Beagleboard in India.

You will also find here other brands as well - Arduino, Digilent, Hitec, Parallax, Sparkfun, Raspberry etc
Single source for all your project needs.