Where is U-Boot Source code for Beagle Board-XM Rev. C?

Hi All,

I am new to Beagle Board-XM Rev. C.
I would like to get U-Boot source code.
can any one help me from where i can get source for BBxM Rev C? any

Thanks in advance for your help.


Go to the angstrom website, click 'developers' and follow the instructions. Then go back to the angstrom website and read the articles on the front page.

Thanks for your response.

I have gone through the angstrom website > developers, but i count not
able to understand how to download specific u-boot source code.
I found the following link from where i downloaded the u-boot source
code, but its not working, u-boot is not booting up properly.


Can u please give me some reference where i can download the u-boot
working source code, which can boot Kernel image properly.
With Beagle Board XM Rev C, i got U-Boot image, which says the u-boot
version : U-Boot 2011.03-rc1-00000-g9a3cc57-dirty

From where i can get this u-boot version source code ?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Thanks for your response.

Can you help me to give me more specific download link?
I got u-boot image with Beagle board xm rev c. which says the version
of U-boot is "U-Boot 2011.03-rc1-00000-g9a3cc57-dirty".
Do you any information from where i can get this version of source
code ?
I have downloaded source code from following website but its not
booting u-boot image.


I don't have idea about which is the correct working source code.

Thanks for your hep and response.

-- Vish

Explore this server: http://gitorious.org/beagleboard/mainline

Follow the link: http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleboardRevC3Validation

see this link–>http://gitorious.org/beagleboard-validation/u-boot/commits/xm

Thanks Amit.

I will get back to you if it works for me.


That's not where it lives. The official way to get the source code is:

1) go to the angstrom website, click on 'developers'
2) follow the instructions
3) bitbake u-boot -c configure

That will get you the uboot sources and a proper toolchain.