Where to get/how to compile libaio to allow mysql compile for Angstrom on Beagleboard xm

I’m trying to get mysql 5.5 with innodb on my Beagleboard xm running Angstrom (just downloaded from Narcissus). opkg install mysql5 installs mysql5.1 without innodb support, so I’m compiling from source. However I get the error:
CMake Error at cmake/build_configurations/mysql_release.cmake:126 (MESSAGE):
aio is required on Linux, you need to install the required library:
Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install libaio-dev
RedHat/Fedora/Oracle Linux: yum install libaio-devel
SuSE: zypper install libaio-devel

opkg doesn’t list have any packages including aio in the name for this system. Normally when a package doesnt exist I download the tar.gz and compile from source, but I cant locate a source suitable for configuring using ./configure or cmake. I’m drawing a blank from searchs. Any advice would be really appreciated.