whether Wilink 8 module can be interfaced with pocketbeagle ?

Is it Possible to interface WILINK 8 with pocket Beagle ?

In principle the answer is yes.

  • first question would be to ask which board with WL18xxMOD on it you would be planning to connect.
  • you would need to use the SPI mode of the WL18xxMOD as there is no space MMC interface on the pocket beagle. This is normally built with CONFIG_WLCORE_SPI to give wlcore_spi.ko
    The SPI mode reuses the SDIO interface on WL18xxMOD

I would question though why go for a pocket beagle +daughterboard with WL18xxMOD and antennae instead of a BBBW with WL18xxMOD on board already.


Thank you lain for your reply.

I didnt go with pocket beagle, instead I purchased a BBBWL