Which Beagle best suited for prototype requiring wifi and audio out

After years of being friends with the Beagle project I finally have an excuse to get one!

But which one?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this but searching the archives I could not find the answer. (I did find many references to selecting beagle puppies though!)

I'm developing a project for a client, so a solid development environment is more important than the cheapest hardware. I'm a Linux user and developer, so I feel comfortable in that environment. Ultimately the prototype will need wireless Internet connectivity, but I assume it's easy to add WiFi through a USB dongle to any of the Beagles.

The prototype will download and play a short audio clip. If the Beagle is powerful enough to do this directly, great, but if we have to add an external audio recorder and player (like the WAVE shield for Arduino or the MP3 trigger at SparkFun) we can do that.

Thoughts and comments?

Which Beagle do you recommend?


The xM has onboard sound input and output and 4 USB ports. There's
also Ethernet and a real serial port on-board, which is nice for
developing. That sounds like it would cover your needs.
The bone only has 1 USB port and no audio output without an add-on
cape (and even then, the pin-out needs to be checked to ensure it can
be done).

I'd recommend the xM for you if you're less cost conscious.