Which Beagle ?


In my research I have built a 2-wheels robot, using Arduino for the controls, and found I don’t like hardware to much.
For the computing I thought of a small laptop, but found BeagleBoard & RaspberryPie on-line, now try to found which one to use.

Need a powerful computing that can do::

  1. AI algorithms, e.g opencv.
  2. Communication to another computer and other small no brain robot.

Need the most powerful Beagle(S) available today, and a good resolution camera.

Can you recommend a Beagle ? a camera ? Does Beagle support wireless camera ?
Is multi threading support by Beagle ?


Take a look at the PCduino …… 8 core offering …… and the multi-core offerings from Olimex.
Best Gus in Denver