Which IDE to develop in C/C++ for BBB from Windows.

I work under Windows and I develop software in C/C++ on the BeagleBone Black. Which software tools do you recommend? On Raspberry I use VSCode but with the BBB on big projects it ends up crashing.


On windows, Fire up WSL and make sure you have the same version of Debian (Bullseye, Bookworm, etc)… install Debian’s gcc gnueabihf cross compiler… and use VSCode thru WSL…


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As a victim of the initial success trap Visual Studio 2019 provides, I will say that they did a decent job acting as a front-end for GCC and GDB for the small stuff.

I got up and running watching this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af-1hDfoRcg

It literally transfers the code to the BBB, launches the compiler & linker there to make the executable, and then launches GDB accordingly.

When it comes to actually rebuilding the kernel, there is no substitute. You have to do it from Linux. Attempts to the contrary will expose the fact that windows still runs with 40+ year old DOS based file naming restrictions. Files like KERNEL/drivers/…/i2c/aux.c will literally fail to extract from the archive.