Which kernels have capemgr.enable_partno?

I’ve been trying to enable an overlay via uEnv.txt and the capemgr, adding the capemgr.enable_partno
to the kernel boot arguments, and I think I must be using a kernel which doesn’t have this feature
enabled. The overlay works if loaded by hand when the system is up, but I’d like it done
automatically at boot.

Is this feature available only in Angstrom kernels, perhaps? I’m using Robert Wilson’s
most recent kernel, unmodified apart from an extra module.

Thanks for any ideas - Will

If you check this wiki (http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=Updating_The_Software) it shows the changes on each image. Kernel 3.8 was given the option to add virtual capes in the 06.06.2013 image.

AFAIK all distro’s use the same uboot thus uEnv.txt system environment variables should work on all. Also do realize that uboot comes before any OS so distro should be moot at boot time.

Anyway, Angstrom and Debian ( by extension Ubuntu too ) version work fine with optargs

Yes, it turns out the kernel has the capability enabled - it just doesn’t work with an NFS root file system.
It isn’t the kernel’s problem; udev is hanging for some reason. It works fine if a cape is just disabled and
not loaded, and it works fine if a cape is loaded with a local root filesystem, eg. on a USB stick, but
I’ll have to dig deeper to find out what’s upsetting udev.


It works fine with an NFS rootfs. I know because I netboot a beaglebone black, and disable HDMI through uEnv.txt.

It would be extremely helpful, that if you expect decent help from us however. If you included the following information.

  1. Which distro ( sounds like Ubuntu but not clear )
  2. Which kernel version.
  3. Which hardware.
  4. A copy of your uEnv.txt
  5. A dmesg | grep output.
  6. An / OR Serial debug output log at boot time.

Also, I will assume by “Robert Wilson” you actually mean Robert C Nelson. If there actually is a Robert Wilson, who is doing similar work to Robert Nelson then I apologize. I am however almost willing to bet that this is a simple typo on your behalf. Not trying to be pedantic so much as giving credit where it is due.

After thinking about your problem here for a few more minutes I will again almost bet the problem is one of two things.

  1. Your optargs statement in uEnv.txt is wrong. OR
  2. The overlay you’re trying to load has conflicting pin assignment / usage with another overlay.

Check those two first before replying again. But in case I am wrong here. A copy / paste of the uEnv.txt file you’re using will be necessary. As will the output of dmesg | grep . Serial debug output would be extremely helpful too.