Which LCD Display I need for displaying TI Linux SDK "Matrix" Application ?

I downloaded Texas Instruments(TI) Processor Linux SDK from: http://software-dl.ti.com/processor-sdk-linux/esd/AM335X/latest/index_FDS.html

I’ll be booting this SDK from SD card in BeagleBone Black.

This SDK contains a featured application called “Matrix” (derived from the fact that it is basically a simple Graphical User’s Interface (GUI) of icon’s arranged in a “matrix”).

What LCD Display do I need to connect to BeagleBone Black to display “Matrix” Application? Where on the board do I connect the LCD Display? Will it require soldering?

Try the HDMI connector

Look at the LCD that Comes with TI AM335X evaluation board.When I bought that board 4 year’s ago the SDK was what the tutorial used to build Linux. I’m no Linux expert and it’s changed alot since then with overlay etc etc but between the code and the schematic and some digging in code you should have a good place to understand the low level coding to talk over whatever bus that LCD uses. I should probably sell my board I’m retired and pretty soon it might not even be useful :crazy_face:
Or I could refresh my skill set so in case I go back to work part time that way I won’t be stuck working at Boeing with offshore Engineeers who don’t know how to Google making $9 hour ( sorry I’m just a cynical old man)