Which LCD interface is compatible with Beaglebone Black PRU?


I want to add a TFT LCD /W SD card & capacitive touch to a Beaglebone Black.

Which interface(s) (16-bit parallel, 24-bit parallel, spi, 3-pin, 4-pin, mipi) are compatible?
Which compatible interface has the fastest display (output, response, throughput)?
Where can I find tutorials, sample code, schematics to develop the configuration.

Thank You

I’m not sure what 3-pin and 4-pin are. BeagleBone Black doesn’t have MIPI. The microHDMI and 16-bit parallel are most recommended for larger displays. 24-bit parallel just takes a lot of pins and is less compatible across BeagleBone generations (AI, AI-64). The small displays are often connected up over SPI.

If you have a more specific question that doesn’t require in-depth research and experimentation, you are more likely to get a better answer. The 24-bit parallel will get you the most throughput and SPI will get you the least. This should seem obvious.

I suggest looking at products from companies known to provide good documentation on open source solutions for an example:

@DrewFustini Would you recommend anything new for TFT support?

For capacitive touch, I’d simply recommend looking at I2C-based cap touch controllers mounted on the panels. There are usually drivers for those. You should be able to find several references for connecting those up to various applications via Linux input events and to perform calibration.

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Hello to Everyone Chatting Here,

I have this: Overview | Adafruit Sharp Memory Display Breakout | Adafruit Learning System .

It is a SPI device that can be used either by SPI or I2C.

I have the Sharp Memory module. SPI is fast, works, and is an easy connect. I think, esp. in my life, finding time to program is the issue for me. Anyway, enough about me…


P.S. I hope this helps. @bteddy , there used to be many Capes. I am not familiar w/ up-to-date Capes that handle LCD or TFT touch screen. Anyway, I am sure they are out there and ready to be ported to make it work w/ the BBB and other family boards.