Why dns is not working in this BBB -> laptop hotspot configuration

So there is connmanctl. And a new problem: no dns. It was once, no more. I can not test it, because all these usable little tools normally found in ubuntu like nmcli have been removed from BB. Anyone could help?

##connman: WiFi

In /etc/resolv.conf there is a line nameserver

I am sorry, there is Debian on BB and not Ubuntu, this may explain the missing tools.

I’d recommend debugging DNS connectivity using the low-level “host” command. It ignores the system’s DNS client configuration. For example, the following command queries the name “google.com” from DNS server

$ host google.com

I would firstly try the DNS servers provided by my Internet Service Provider. Anyway, if “host” resolves names and the system’s DNS client doesn’t, then you have a lead. If neither option resolves names, your Internet connection is broken.

Hello Tarmo. Thanks for your help, host google.com gives
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

I have lost too much time an attempt to have a working network connection on BB.

Firstly, via USB, a known problem. With Linux, it never worked like a normal network.

Then, an adapter Ethernet-USB. BB recognized it in maybe 80%, then 20% of times, then never. My laptop recognizes it always until now.

Then, connmanctl. I have never seen this application before, in any case, no way of connecting it to a given enterprise Wifi, and its error reporting was like “invalid parameter” to its internal command with no parameters. Sure, a more typical Wifi and it would work.

So I decided to connect BB to my laptop working as a hotspot. It accepts specific ports, SSH for example, DNS it seems no way.

With RPi, it just works. Cable, Wifi, in different places and networks, it just works. BB, no way.

I’m sorry to hear about your USB-Ethernet adapter dying. I have used a couple of different USB-Ethernet adapters on my Beaglebone-derived device - some are very stable and some drop out after a few hours or days, but a reset always brings them back online. Perhaps you should get a different one. BTW, I’m a little confused - if you have a BeagleBone Black (as the topic states), why can’t you use the built-in Ethernet port?

Anyway, Internet connection sharing is a fragile operation as there are many things which need to go right for it to work. If your ping and ssh go through but DNS doesn’t, it might be that TCP and ICMP work, but UDP doesn’t. You can do some experiments using simple tools like telnet and netcat, but this doesn’t really concern the BeagleBone any more.

I use Beaglebone Blue which has no Ethernet port. Yes, internet sharing has many variables, but hotspots often work and if BBB had a typical Wifi manager, there would likely be no issue from the start. There are no tools like telnet or nmcli installed on it. For now, I will try port tunneling via SSH. Thanks Tarmo for your help.

Is there a way of just replacing connmanm with wpa_supplicant using apt_get?

Yes there is. Note that there is nothing wrong with connman. You can
learn it, like you learned any other tool, e.g. wpa_supplicant, nmcli.

One more thing, connmanctl can connect to an Enterprise network. You
need to prepare the corresponding file, just like you will need to with

Yes there is. Note that there is nothing wrong with connman.
One more thing, connmanctl can connect to an Enterprise network. You

need to prepare the corresponding file, just like you will need to with

I did. Then I used a standard sequence of operations from the tutorial and in this particular network it showed “bad parameter” or whatever, without a slightest explanation, where the problem is. But given that you find nothing wrong with connman, you likely also find nothing wrong with its error reporting.

I manually removed everything from /etc/resolv.conf and put there only ip of the laptop’s hotspot. Fortunately a direct connection to the laptop is enough and even better for now than that to the enterprise wifi.

Strangely the hotspot was set as DNS before, but it did not work back then.

Thank you all for your support.

.On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 6:09:32 PM UTC+1, Sicelo Mhlongo wrote:

So it is like that: even if I put nameservers or, whatever, into connmanctl config and asking it then shows that exact IP as the DNS server, what is put into resolv.conf is some three values which look like IP6 adresses, I have no idea what they mean. Anyway, DNS is not working with them and I need to replace everything in resolv.conf with nameserver after every rewrite of the file by connmanctl, then it works fine.

Well, the contents of resolv.conf come from your DHCP server (unless you’ve arranged it differently). To fix that, you’d need to re-configure your DHCP server.

Possibly, I do not know a lot about it. At the beginning of the file, there is “# Generated by Connection Manager” though.