Why is FTDI_Ser.dmg 10MB?

I downloaded the FTDI_Ser.dmg drivers from http://beagleboard.org/static/beaglebone/a3/Drivers/MacOSX/FTDI/FTDI_Ser.dmg and it appears that the download is 10MB. The only thing in the dmg is a 126KB installer… Anybody know why the DMG is so huge? The normal FTDI Mac installer is like 430KB, and I’m assuming the only difference between the custom BeagleBoard one and the FTDI Chip ones are the inclusion of the IOKitPersonalities BeagleBone entries in the plist.

When I created it, I didn’t make the archive compressed. I learned how to do that now, so I’ve updated the image at: http://beagleboard.org/static/beaglebone/latest/Drivers/MacOSX/FTDI/FTDI_Ser.dmg