Why not 2 microSD slots instead of the current eMMC + microSD slot?

I have a question about the inclusion of eMMC in the current BeagleBone Black.

Could it been cheaper to include 2 microSD slots instead of the current setup of eMMC + microSD?

I just wondered why it was included the eMMC, because, the board could have been cheaper without the eMMC (abeit getting the microSD cages was a problem once).

eMMC is 8 bit wide. That makes it faster.

SD card cage plus SD card is more expensive than one eMMC. eMMC is cheaper.


The reliability on eMMC is also reported to be better.

On the original BeagleBone we had a LOT of SD card issues.

If my memory serves me correctly, we have had maybe 3 or so eMMC issues on the BBB, and those were assembly related issues.


All versions of the boards have all 8 pins connected.