Why Yang Yuanqing(CEO of Lenovo) appeal enterprises to learn from Huawei inatead of Xiaomi

Abstract: Yang Yuanqing signified in the Yabuli Forum, the concepts of internet was excessively exaggerated, it cannot replace all things around. When calling for learning from Huawei Which famous for its optical transmission equipments and Mobile phone etc., Yang Yuanqing also indicated that the Internet marketing model represented by Xiaomi is not sustainable in the long run.

In 23th Aug. Yang Yuanqing, the chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Limited made a speech on Entrepreneurs Forum. As the NO.1 ‘Helmsman’ in PC market of the world, Yang focused on the dropping of ‘the Internet Boom’ surprisingly, instead of contents about PC. And when calling for learning from Huawei, Yang also indicated that the Internet marketing model represented by Xiaomi is not sustainable in the long run.

After successively threw out ‘Internet is net cure-all’, ‘embracing internet but no deifying’, ‘Through the noisy of internet, the core of Business is still good products and excellent service.’ etc. series of viewpoints, Yang referred another Chinese enterprise—Huawei. This ‘Helmsman’ of Lenovo appeals everyone to learn from the realistic Huawei.

‘They (Huawei) on the one hand positively transform business model through Internet, on the other hand, insist on advocating ‘sweeping monk’ spirit, and concentrate on creating their own core competence. This kind of traditional enterprise will not be subverted, on the contrary it will be more stronger’. This is the Huawei spirit that Yang emphasized on.

While the words from Yang is just referred to these ‘fasy company’ which ignored the base construction consumed excessively on internet marketing. ‘Certainly, there are always some people want to take a shortcut, and hope to get business success by using internet. Some internet enterprises attempt to outsource the value chain and other parts, and pay their main attention to marketing section, and hope to gain fast success. They don’t consider how to train hard on their internal strength, how to do well in research and development, control the quality of products, manage the supply chain properly and improve post sale services, this kind of business model won’t work for them , while work against them.’

So Yang proposes to learn from Huawei. And Huawei will contine to strive for their high-quality Huawei transmission and other optical products practicely.