wiegand protocal

hai all
any one share me wiegand and beagle bone black with
gpio pins source code


Most hits are for Raspberry-Pi, so any solution would need to be ported
to the Beagle GPIO libraries. Easiest would be to start with Python and
Adafruit_BBIO. The protocol appears to rely upon both data lines be high as
a NULL state, if either data line goes low you have a 0 or 1 (depending
upon which data line) and both data lines low is an error condition.
implies Python may not be fast enough.

  https://gist.github.com/hsiboy/9598741 is an R-Pi C-language source --
again you'd have to update the GPIO calls to some equivalent library on the

  Javascript (which may imply node.js usage)

  You may also find sample libraries for Arduino boards, which shouldn't
be too difficult to port over to Beagle GPIO.