WiFi cape support in 3.8?

Since I’ve had poor lucking getting reliable USB running on the BeagleBone I decided to order a WiFi cape. According to the CircuitCo wiki this cape should be supported:

  • BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ Chip Antenna revision A is supported by Angstrom release 03-27-13 onward.

I received it today, but there doesn’t appear to be any firmware for the cape in the 3.8 distribution:

[ 4.966339] bone-capemgr bone_capemgr.7: failed to load firmware ‘BB-BONE-WIFI-03-00A0.dtbo’

Has anyone been successful in getting this cape to work with 3.8? I’d rather not go back to 3.2 if I can avoid it.

If it means anything, I have two of these capes on white beaglebones, and I’m in exactly the same situation.

The 3.2.34 kernel kinda works, and I would like to move to 3.8 to see if it works any better, but I’m getting the same errors.

Can someone take this on?

Any news about this ?

How would one get this cape to 3.8 ?