wifi configuration on beaglebone black.

Hi All,

I was trying to configure wifi on beaglebone black board. But i am facing below problems.

I am using TP-LINK TL-WN823N adaptor.

Beaglebone black wifi setup steps :

  1. Downloaded the stable kernel 4.4.2 from git.
  2. Compiled the kernel and loaded new kernel to beaglebone black.
  3. Downloaded the rlt8192eu ( TL-WN823N ) driver code from git.
  4. Compiled the driver code for beaglebone black and inserted the module to new kernel.
  5. Inserted TL-WN823N adapter to beaglebone black.

Problems :

  1. I am getting below messages, i don’t know what exactly that message indicates.
[  361.376724] RTL871X: Wrong rate section: (CCK,2T)
[  361.381816] RTL871X: Wrong rate section: (CCK,2T)


You might have to update the firmware on your WiFi dongle.



Thank you so much for your response.

How do you say, the issue is because of firmware only.