WiFi dongles slow BBB to nearly a halt

Hi, I’ve just installed the newest official Debian Image (3-27 flashing) into eMMC and when attempting to use a WiFi dongle the board slow down to unusable speeds. Just typing through ssh can take 8-10 seconds for the characters to appear, but they will appear in groups so they are being cached somewhere then when the board gets around to it they are displayed. I’ve tried two separate dongles which are:



and both have the same issues.

The install is pretty much non-modified. All I have done since setting it up has been to change the default password, setup my own user account, and uncomment the following four lines in /etc/networking/interfaces

auto wlan 0
iface wlan 0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid “essid”
wpa-psk “password”

of course I changed the ssid and password to those for my network. The board does receive a connection to the router and I can ssh into it through the wifi, but about a minute after booting it slows right down.

I have attempted this through both a USB connection to my computer as well as with a 5V 2A power supply.

Any help would be appreciated.