wifi dongles

I need a wifi dongle for a school project I am working on. We will
probably use ubuntu on the board.

I found a list a while back that listed compatible chipsets, but i
cant find it, and I am new to linux so it is hard to figure out what
is compatible

is there a more human-readable list for usb wifi dongles that work
with beagleboard ubuntu?

The wifi dongle needs to be:
easy to use
easy to find
small in size
good quality

any help would be appreciated.

For the ubuntu kernel's there is a very minimal list put together from
users: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntuNetwork

rtl8187, rt73, zd1211 based devices seem to be supported the best,
although my zd1211 hasn't been working. Firmware loads correctly, but
dhclient takes down the interface...


So how do I tell before I buy what chipset a wifi dongle has?

Google, I guess.

Well, looking at google there appear to be some dongles that use
rtl8187, rt73 chipsets (shopping). they are off brands but that isn't
that big of a deal. are all of these chipsets wireless g?

Google for it?

This is a beagleboard list, not a list to throw random questions to
and especially not random questions that you could easily resolved
yourself with a few minutes of research!