Wifi (IEEE802.11 bgn) antenna cable frequency range for Beaglebone Black Wireless

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I need a Wifi antenna cable for Beaglebone Black wireless. I searched a little and see that BBWL support 2.4GHz wifi. So, could I use a coaxial antenna cable with frequency range of ‘DC - 3GHz’ ? When I google ‘wifi antenna cable’, comes DC - 6GHz coax cables. Will it be a problem, if I use a DC-3GHz coax antenna cable with BBBWL ?

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If you are using Wifi at 2.4 GHz, then any antenna cable that will transport that band will work.
So, either 0 to 3 GHz, or 0 to 6 GHz will be fine.

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The connector is likely to be an issue, there are half a dozen different ones about the same size and they’re so small it’s hard to tell them apart. I was a little surprised that they sell a wifi device without an antenna because I think the FCC discourages this. You could put on something with a lot of gain and cause interference to others nearby, everybody’s supposed to be at about the same power level.

OTOH I’ve bought wifi cards to put in (Dell) laptops and mostly not had a problem. I can’t tell from the Beagle PDFs what the connector looks like. Most laptop internal ones just snap in, looks and works a little like a gripper snap on clothing. External ones usually have a threaded fitting. Finding the name of the connector type would be a start.

Laptops usually have a cable (or 2 or 3) that go up into the lid where there’s probably a dipole of some sort. It’s also possible to have antennas in just circuit board traces, which is what the Raspberry Pi models with wifi use. A quarter wavelength at that frequency is only about an inch. If the connector’s right I’d try something like laptop antennas from
https://www.ebay.com/bhp/laptop-wifi-card but it seems like Beagle should be more specific about the connector type. See the connectors marked Main and Aux at the top of the picture at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-HP-Wireless-N-1000-112BNHMW-Laptop-WiFi-WLAN-Card-572520-001-60Y3241-/264062337854 for example. Those are typical laptop wifi antenna connectors.