Wifi USB adapter for AI-64

What is a known working USB to wifi adapter. Currently I was trying to use a Netgear a6210 that works fine on Ubuntu x64 metal box but its crashing / rebooting the SBC AI-64.

Running NVMe and suspect it might not have enough power on the board. Its on a stiff lab supply and pulling upto 2.7 amps??

When you say you run an NVMe you mean having boot an M2 hard disk on the pci port ?

  • I have successfully load more than 15 watts with a good lab power supply for booting with two 5V USB fans at 250ma each without the lab supply the boot wasn’t possible ( peak load at startup collapse the boot process a big capacitor would probably do the trick but that another story… )

I don’t actually boot from the NVMe, boot from emmc and mount partitions on the NVMe that is in the M2.

Using it now and it is running 11 + watts. 5.25v at ~2.09 A

Where did you connect the fans?

Simply on the two usb A on front panel ( logged in via ssh through a wifi card on the pci ), with laptop wired connection can’t simply be a things lol