Wii Nunchuck and Wii motion plus interfacing.

Just wondering if anybody has interfaced those devices to the
BeagleBoard yet. They both use I2C so it shouldn't be that hard.
Between the two you could have a poor mans IRU.

Not sure what you're exacly looking for.

The wii-mote uses bluetooth to connect to other devices.

Have a look at http://abstrakraft.org/cwiid


i got multiple device connected to the beagleboard through i2C. You
can ether use the trainer board from tin can tools for i2c level
shifting (1.8v to 3.3v), or design a custom board that uses a TXS0102
for level shifting.

The Wiimote uses bluetooth but the cheap nunchuck and the wii motion
plus interface to the wiimote via i2c.
The nunchuck has accelerometers in it and the wii motion plus has some
very good gyros all for a really low price.
Here is a link about the nunchuck and interfacing it to the arduino

And one for the Wii Motion plus.

Since they use the i2c buss it seems like combining the two with the
Beagle board would be a good starting point for say an auto pilot
project or UAV system.
I am dealing with a none Beagle Board project right now so I have next
to no free time to play with this so I thought I would see if anybody
else was doing anything interesting with these yet.

hedwin wrote:

I connected beaglebone through i2c with itg3205 device. Communication is ok, but results that I am getting back is somehow scrambled on the moment. At some times i am getting values of few thousands and some time very small values.

Please see post:

There is picture and code attached (originally got it from http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard_Trainer_Nunchuk).

If anybody has some experience with itg3205, help resolving value discrepancies back from itg3205 would be greatly appreciated.

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