Will it be possible to get a BeagleV or are they a collectors item now?

With the recent future of the beagleV; will any more development units make it out? Myself and a business colleguae had signed up for the development unit a few months before the “future of beagleV” announcement.

Am I correct in assuming the beagleV has softly been relegated into a collector’s item of sorts now?

The BeagleV Starlight project is cancelled and no more beyond the original 300 beta prototypes were produced.

We are working on a new BeagleV design with a different SoC that we will introduce in Q1 2022. We have not gotten to the point of beta testing the board but announcements will be made here when we do.


Collectors item it is :slight_smile: .

Hopefully not the C906. I found at least one bug in it and besides it’s astonishingly slow.

That not properly ignoring upper bits it doesn’t understand in the fence literal is annoying.

But what’s unexpectedly slow about it as a 1 GHz in order CPU? There are things where it’s faster than (one core of) the BeagleV beta board or HiFive Unleashed & Unmatched.