Will the BBB work for what I want to do with

I have googled and googled and my head is spinning trying to learn everything I can on this. I am getting dizzy looking at everything and I am hoping that the people here can answer my questions.

I am getting back into electronics after a 20 year hiatus, looking at building a temperature probe array for my BBQ and wondering if the BBB would work for me…

Here is what I would like to do:

As many sensors as possible - 1 or 2 will be for soar, the rest will be temperature probes.

Near real-time data logging and graphing
Web server
Ability to change SSID/encryption easily

The real idea here is that the unit will capture near real-time data and if certain thresholds are met a text via email will be sent to my phone so I can add fuel or pull the food when done. I am also looking at having the realtime data be graphed hopefully via MRTG on the BBB. I would like to be able to easily change the SSID and encryption key of the Wi-Fi without having to redo code and up loading it to the unit. If I can do it through the units built-in webserver or an LCD screen that would be great.

I am looking at the HC-SR04 for the sonar and type K temp probes.

Also, since there are 7 analog ports it is possible to breakout to a 8:1 or 16:1 multiplexer to add more inputs? Or is there away to get the digital ports converted?