Windows 10 driver for Beagle Bone Black


I am attempting to set the Beagle Bone Black up on a Windows 10 64-bit PC, however the install keeps failing on all fronts. Is there an updated driver that I can try? I also wasn’t sure if this device is compatible with windows 10 since the Operating systems listed in the Reference manual simply says “Windows”.

The reason we are attempting to set it up on a Windows 10 PC is because somehow the Beagle Bone SW is causing our current Windows 7 PC to continually get kicked off of our network during configuration. By any chance have you seen this before?


Jasmine Rodriguez-Wagner

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It is possible that it is improperly setting a route through the BeagleBone network connection.

The best update is to update the firmware on the board via and It shouldn’t require any drivers at all. However, if you do opt to install the latest driver signatures, the getting started page has links to ones that work with the latest Windows 10.