Wireless Communication with BeagleBone Black

am needing help with my project and I wondering if you guys can help.

I need some form of TCP/UDP communication set up between my BeagleBone Black and my laptop.
I am wondering if I can set up some form of local network through a wireless router connected to my laptop so that my laptop and the BeagleBone Black can have some form of TCP/UDP connection with each other. I have a wireless USB adapter connected to the BeagleBone Black so that it can connect to wireless networks.

An alternative would be to connect my router to the BeagleBone Black and set up a local network (without connecting to the internet). Then I can make my laptop connect to the local network and have some form of tcp communication with the BeagleBone Black.

Usage: Robotics competition where I have an application running in a laptop which is trying to send commands to a robot which is about 50-70 feet away wirelessly.


Yes, of course. As a full computer with Linux operating system, the BBB can connect to another machine many ways. The easiest way to do this is to use the netcat (‘nc’) program to redirect standard input/output to a network TCP socket. Your program would talk to its standard input/output, and that communication gets forwarded over the network by netcat. netcat can operate in client or server mode. You’ll have to figure out how to make your laptop speak TCP.

I did a similar thing with a phone instead of a laptop and a BB White instead of a BBB.
I just sent ASCII strings over UDP.
Don’t forget zeroconf so you don’t have to hard code IP addresses.

Beaglebone Network Services


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Could you send me the code? josesalgadop@gmail.com