WM-BG-MR-03 Bluetooth(88W8688 Marvel chip) not working with omap3530

Hi all,
We are working with the WiFi/BT combo module WM-BG-MR-03 of USI

We have interfaced the Bluetooth module through UART to the OMAP3530
Processor and wifi through SDIO interface. Currently we are facing an
issue with the bluetooth interface.

The device is not responding for BCSP/CSR protocol of bluez utility
(hciattach). When
we probe the Serial line between the processor and the BT module, we
signal toggling in the tx line. Hence we feel that the initialisation
sequence is issued by the processor, but the BT module is not
responding to that.

We have tested the wifi module and its working. We are updating the
firmware using sd8688_helper.bin and sd8688.bin.

running the below commands.

#hciattach ttyS1 bcsp 115200
#hciattach ttyS1 csr 115200

Both the results for above commands is
"Initialisation timed out".

Please let me know have any one used this chip ?

has any one faced this problem?Please give ur suggestion.

Please also help us to debug.

With regards

Hi Gokul,

This is really much more of a WM-BG-MR-03- than an OMAP3-beagle-question,
but two things pops up in my mind:

1) I/O voltage – OMAP runs 1V8 – Looking at the datasheet for WM-BG-MR-03 it
seems to support either 1V8 or 3V3 – Is it supplies with 1V8 for I/Os?

2) Hardware Flow control? I don’t know if this is active on power up for
this device, but I have previously worked with BT chips, which required Flow
Control during initial communication. In given case it might be the BT
modules doesn’t output any data since it thinks the Flow Control Pin is
asserted in case you haven’t taken any special care about this on the Overo?

Good luck – Please let us know what fixed the problem when you have found
the bug :slight_smile: