Wont boot off SD card

I recently purchased a BBB around a month or so ago but in the last week, whenever I try to boot off an SD card by holding down the user/boot button, it refuses to use the SD card and always boots off the internal flash memory. I have tried multiple bootable SD images and used both linux and windows to write it so I am leaning towards the possibility that it may be a hardware issue. I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems or has any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

It could be the SD card itself. Did you try and reformat it per the instructions? http://circuitco.com/support/BeagleBoneBlack . Look under the SW section under Angstrom.

Or, the card cage may have been damaged.


I followed the instructions to ensure that the card was imaged properly but I can try a different brand/size SD card with the same image again and see if that makes any difference. Il let you know how it goes.