Worst Quality control EVER!!!!

Ok here is round 2 and i will need a glass of water to wash my words down because i am eating them right now. i can not find a single thing wrong with this new board. Everything worked like a champ straight out of the box. I have used the HDMI, booted from SD, performed opkg upgrade, and flashed latest Angstrom all without any problems at all. this little thing is amazing and i do not regret purchasing a second one after the experience i had with the first one.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Gerald because even though i was an @$$-HOLE he still stuck to it and tried to make it right and replace the board that i destroyed.
I would Like to apologize to EVERYONE on the group for the way that i acted. I should have asked for help. i know that you guys are working hard to fix everything that goes wrong on these boards and i should have given you guys the chance to do just that.


For what it is, I think that most people would not have the guts to do what you just did. You are tops on my list. Again, for whatever that is worth!!

Thank you!