Wow: BBAI and BBB: Bootprocess

Dear BB users,

This is just a “success story” and how i am astonished about the good mainline support of both boards.

The last few days i made some experiments comparing the BBAI and the BBB. I created a nfsboot environment and used mainline 5.10.15 kernel and u-boot 2021.01.

As userland i used a debootstraped debian on the nfs root. As far as i can say, they can both use the omap2plus_defconfig and boot from it.

The only real difference in the boot process is u-boot where i used the am57xx_evm_devconfig for the BBAI and the am335x_evm_defconfig for the BBB.

I even used the same u-boot commands after a wiped SD and a fresh copied MLO/u-boot.img