writing a usb target device?

dear experts—I am a complete newbie. I just ordered my first beaglebone black. I am fairly experienced with linux, so I should not run into problems on the install.

alas, my main goal is to create my own USB target device. so, I am looking for a template. for example, I would like a host to send a packet of n bytes, and my beaglebone to send back a checksum. that’s it. could someone point me to the right places to look, please? I also looked at bb books. richardson’s book is in python and javascript, which I could translate into C. but, does it cover designing simple USB target device programming like this?

help and pointers appreciated.


You probably want to base this on an existing USB gadget. See Gadget Zero for starters.

Some links:




thanks, jason. very helpful. I read a lot of the documentation now, and it seems both easy and hard. I have ordered Regupathy’s book, and hope this will help. there are hundreds of little problems on the specific platform that I think I can run into, which will be a non-issue to someone who is an expert. I will post a note.