Writing JFFS image on NAND using Uboot l

Hi All,

I was reading the beagleboard wiki page regarding with Writing file system with U-Boot. I would like to know what are the major challenges and techniques in order to write the image successfully?.

I am interested on this procedure than the 2nd option which is Writing file system with kernel.

In addition, I need some info to the following:

  1. Is it necessary to create a jffs2 image with cleanmarker?. How do i figure out the cleanmarker?
  2. I’ve got 50M rootfs.jffs2 filesystem and was trying to download it in uboot using tftpboot, the problem was the downloading was stop and doesn’t continue anymore and when I reduced my rootfs.jffs2 and do it again, I was able to finished the downloading. Any idea?