WS2812B led strip with BeagleBone Black

Aim: Control WS2812B Led Strip Using BeagleBone Black Board.

I have BeagleBone Black and WS2812B Led Strip I google it and follow some of the resources as below:
1)beaglebone/ws2811_spi_test at master · RickKimball/beaglebone · GitHub
2)PRU Cookbook
3)GitHub - cpldcpu/light_ws2812: Light weight library to control WS2811/WS2812 based LEDS and LED Strings for 8-Bit AVR microcontrollers.

But still not get the solution.

Thank you.

Your easiest option it to grab FPP images from Releases · FalconChristmas/fpp · GitHub and use that as a starting point. The PRU code for ws281x there is highly optimized for the timings and such. There is a manual at which can help you get started.

I have capes for sale at if you want to turn your BBB into a more full featured ws281x controller. :slight_smile:


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Thank you. I have to install FPP in BBB and Work on it but unable to understand the hot code for WS2812B LED Strip and Wire Connections. There are too many Extra Details that consume time. I just want WS2812B Led Strip control code with BeagleBone Black and wire Connections.

Can you suggest to me direct these details?

Thank you @Daniel_Kulp