WTH: Automation Engineer or Technician or Consutant

Eckhardt Optics LLC would like to hire an Automation Engineer or Technician or Consultant.

About the Company
Eckhardt Optics LLC is a small but rapidly growing designer and manufacturer of lenses for industrial inspection, located in White Bear Lake, MN. We are currently looking for space so we can move out of the owner’s home. Because of our size, we offer far more flexibility than most companies. Working for a small business means our people are not just cogs in a wheel; each one makes a significant difference. Our employees “wear many different hats” and learn multiple skills. Projects move fast. We hire only A-Players: highly competent people who know how to take the initiative. Our employees receive competitive salaries and a complete benefits package.

About the Job
The job will involve the following tasks:

  • Automate Test Equipment: create embedded systems to eliminate manual labor in lens testing
  • Automate Production Equipment: create embedded systems to run our production machines
  • Motorize Lenses: create embedded systems to focus and zoom lenses
  • Process Development: We are beginning our journey toward becoming lean, and you would be involved along with everyone else

About the Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate will love to learn. They will be intelligent, resourceful and creative, with strong analytical skills. Impeccable integrity is required as well as the ambition and enthusiasm to help the company grow rapidly. Above all, they must be passionate about the core values listed on the Careers page on our website.

The ideal candidate will be skilled in writing code in C++ to drive automated systems. They will also be competent in designing electronics based on Arduino and Beaglebone SBCs using Fritzing or a commercial program. Use of Excel, Jupyter Notebooks and/or MathCAD for analytical calculations is expected. An ability to write clear standard operating procedures for our technicians will be utilized. We will provide training related to optics.

We are ready to hire right now (March 2022). The starting salary depends on experience, but starts at $40k/year for technicians and $72k/year for engineers.

Please use the Contact Us form on our website, eckop.com, to initiate contact. There is no way to attach a file, so we’ll get back to you via email.

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