x-load compliation

Hi ,

          We have been trying to load X-load and Uboot files
available in begal board forum For "OMAP3" processor (POP package) .
As a different NAND flash (MT29C4G48MAPLCJI-6 IT
x16 ,4Gb) is incorporated in our board we have modified the X-load
with the new NAND flash ID .

          We are able to compile both the above mentioned files in
our board. But the problem is, the bin file generated for X-load is
not working Whereas the precompiled Bin files are working fine.

         The NAND flash used in begal board what we are using is
(MT29C2G48MAKLCJI-6 IT x16 2Gb)

  Requesting you to kindly assist us Further regarding this.

With Regards,
M.Illiyaz Baig