x-loader Through JTAG


    WE are designing a project based on omap3530.We have code composer
studio v5.1.we are working with beagle board rev C5 as a reference.On
beagle board,we are
able to download u-boot ELF file through JTAG and it is successfully
( if board having x-loader). Now as we are trying to download x-loader
ELF file through
JTAG.But it is not working.
our prototype board don't have any mmc card interface. So, we have to
load x-loader through JTAG or USB only.
Is it possible to download x-loader through JTAG?

As OMAP3530 supports USB booting can we boot x-loader and u-boot
through USB.Because, We are able to boot kernel and file system
through USB
insted of mmc card ( may be because of u-boot usb drivers).
please help..

Thank You

You can try UART boot method

We don't have uart3 interface on our board.
Now how can we download x-loader or u-boot through JTAG?
we are having ccs v5, xds100v2 jtag. Is any body downloaded u-boot
through jtag erlier?

on beagle board if we are having x-loder in board then only we are
able to download u-boot through jtag.
we are trying to download u-boot through jtag now with out xloder. can
you please help us?

Thank You

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