X15 60-way Connector physical queries


I'm drawing up an open source EAGLE CAD file that could be used to plug into the X15's four 60-way connectors.

The board will be the same size as the X15 board, and will mate to those four 60-way connectors.

Although I can get accurate positioning information from the published design files, I'm having difficulty confirming the exact pinning for the mating connector.

These are the things I wanted to get confirmed:

(1). Should the connector to use to mate to the X15 board be part code FX18-60S-0.8SV20

(2). Should the layout of the mating connector ( FX18-60S-0.8SV20 ) be like the sketch here http://imgur.com/IUIHttO to match the numbering on the schematic?

(3). I don't have this mating connector yet (out of stock), if anyone does, could they please quickly visually confirm that the landing pattern in point (2) looks about right? I of course have based it on the connector datasheet but it was slightly ambiguous on orientation, and I wasn't sure on the A1..A4 and B1..B2 orderings. Or a high-res photo of the mating connector would be appreciated so I can visually see orientation details and compare with my landing pattern.

(4). Please could I get the gerber files for the X15?. Currently just the .brd file is published, and this makes it hard for anyone without Allegro.
Although I can use the Viewer, I cannot print to image files (e.g. .png format) in high resolution with it. With gerber files I can.

Thanks in advance.

We are working on this information. Information will be released as soon as possible.

I am not going to send this information out in response to individual requests.

Please be patient.